It won’t fail because of me

I’m currently reading the book ‘Into the Black’ by Rowland White about the first flight of the Space Shuttle. I was taken by a particular passage.

The author recounts the time when Appllo XVI astronaut T.K.Mattingly was up on the gantry taking a look at the rocket as it was being prepared and startled a technician who was going about his individual piece of work.

The two chatted and the technician was awestruck about the magnitude of the undertaking. The technician said “I really don’t know how you’re going to get back. It seems a long ways off. You know, I don’t understand that, but you can bet it won’t fail because of me”.

The crew appreciated the importance of this. If every single person working on the Space Shuttle could say the same thing – it won’t fail because of me – then the first flight (of the Space Shuttle) would not fail.

If everyone on every project had that attitude then just think what could be achieved.

I like this passage.




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Village Green 2016

This Saturday was the 8th Annual Village Green music and arts festival in Chalkwell Park, Southend.  Chalkwell Park is half a mile from our house and we have been for the last few years.  This year I decided to sign up as a volunteer photographer and get closer to the action.

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HARP 24 2016

Last weekend I spend a fair amount of time providing volunteer event photography services for HARP Southend at their HARP24 24hr running event attended by over 330 runners from near and far.

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Southend Half Marathon 2016

This weekend local amateur photographer Geoff Caten and I provided volunteer event photography services for the Southend Half Marathon on the request of the organisers Havens Hospices. We were more than happy to give up our time to capture the event and a few subsequent evenings to process and upload the results.

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Moon 17.03.2016

Lovely moon this evening so tried a few shots from the garden.

The moon was Waxing Gibbous 71.8% and a quite an elevation at 55 deg.

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Bridge Collapse at the Big Bang Fair

Yesterday I was at University of Essex in Colchester supporting the local Big Bang fair representing the Institution of Civil Engineers.  The event was more careers fair than the big STEM event of last year but over four sessions I still got to speak to many many yr 9 and 10 students many of who were genuinely interested in the industry.  It was also very pleasing that a significant number of those who came to our stand – possibly as many as 50% – were girls.

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Allerton Waste Recovery Park

I paid a visit to our Allerton Waste Recovery Project in North Yorkshire last week to see first hand the progress that is being made.  The project is an EfW (Energy from Waste) plant with additionally a MT (Mechanical Treatment) facility and a bottom ash) handling facility.

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