Prittle Brook Greenway Phase 1 nearing completion

Phase 1 of the Prittle Brook Greenway project in Southend is nearing completion but there are one or two areas where things need to be corrected.  The Greenway runs near the bottom of our road and this afternoon I had a quick cycle along it to see how the work was progressing.   The Phase 1 work is very nearly finished and it is a great improvement on the old path that runs for nearly 6km from Priory Park to Belfairs Woods.  Phase 1 of the works runs from Priory Park to Westbourne Grove and it is very nearly complete. More details of the project can be found on the website.

Greenway Map

An pdf version of the route map sign in the photo above can be found here.

The photos below show a couple of the completed sections.

Completed section
Completed section alongside the allotments

It is a real improvement over the old path on which cycles were not allowed.  It is now much wider and the road crossings are much safer with dropped kerbs and large circulation areas.

There are a few items that let it down a little and I’m assuming these will be corrected when the works are snagged at the end of the job.  One item is that in a number of places the levels are wrong at the drop kerbs meaning that water puddles which is not very clever – especially when there is a gully nearby.  The other is that the galvanised steel tubes used in the small sections of barrier (that are mostly of oak – very nice) are already rusting which looks bad.  The galvanising needed to be a bit thicker me-thinks.

Puddle at drop kerb - gulley not doing much
Rusting steel tubes on the barriers

Other than these small details the greenway is a great scheme and I look forward to using it in the summer when the weather is a little better. I also hope that Phase 2 of the work is funded and goes ahead as a connection through to Belfairs Woods would be excellent.

It is a pity however that despite our council doing sood things to improve our neighbourhood there are still a small minority who think it is acceptable to vandalise anything and everything.  Somewhere along the line this comes back out of taxpayers pockets.  I guess some people just don’t give a damn.

Vandalised sign - another had been ripped off its mountings

If you have any comments on the Greenway or those who consider it acceptable to vandalise our neighbourhood then feel free to leave your comments below.

4 Replies to “Prittle Brook Greenway Phase 1 nearing completion”

  1. All credit to the local council trying to do something to make this area more appealing and creating a green cycle-friendly location to use for pleasure or access.

    It’s unfortunate that the unthinking wish to disrespect and undermine their efforts with the needless graffiti. Predictably, it seems to be a recurring theme:-
    Prittle Brook Greenway


  2. Hi. I followed the pathway out of Belfairs and then couldn’t find where it is going to go once I’ve crossed Eastwood Road North. Any idea where exactly it will be and when it will be completed?

    Thanks, DH

  3. I would like to know I’d there are any plans for fences to be put up around the parts of the Brook that are directly next to the bike path. My son 6 yes last night was cycling nit very fast and caught a bush and bounced off and went straight over the edge with his bike into the Brook. He was absolutely distraught and told me whilst waiting for an xray on his cheek that there should be fences. I would have to agree with him there are parts that are very dangerous, I will be contacting the council about the situation.

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