Sadlers Farm Junction Improvements

Stopped by and took some photographs of the ongoing works at Sadlers Farm this afternoon.  Was a bit grey and only had my small camera but they came out okay.  Included below are some of the new Church Road bridge and the highway either side plus some taken from the new London Road bridge looking in both directions.

I would guess that the works are falling behind a little as I expected the strategic link between the A13 and the A130 to be in use by now however the new bridges are not yet complete and there is no surfacing down yet on that stretch.  The works need to be complete before the Olympics and they’ll need to get a jolly on if they are to make that I would venture.

A few photos included below.  An album of photos also available here.

South end of new Church lane Bridge
North abutment new Church Lane Bridge
Piles for gantry base west of Church lane Bridge
Small section of embankment building on south side
Strategic link looking north from London Road Bridge
Strategic link looking south from London Road Bridge

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