It’s that time of year again #Movember

I appear to have signed up to grow a mo for movember.

Movember – if you don’t know – is all about increasing awareness of mens health issues and particularly the two main causes of premature death in men – prostate and testicular cancer.  In raising awareness the aim is also to raise funds for the main charities for these conditions.  You can find out all about it at

I had seen that it was happening and remember it from last year but had not done anything more about supporting it.  I had seen that there was a 10K Mo-Running event in Greenwich Park too that I had toyed with taking part in – but had not signed up.

Then on Friday last one of my twitter correspondees – Mike Ager of Essex County Council (@thespudman_one) prodded me and some others to join his movember team ‘The Dandy Highwaymen’ – a reference I think to Essex County Council Highways team which some or all of the guys work for – so I signed up there and then.  My individual page is here and you can link to the team page from there.

Now I don’t think I really realised what I had committed myself too as the rules are that if you start on 1st November clean shaven and you cultivate your mo (moustache) throughtout the month.  Now I have had my beard and mo for 6 or 7 years now I guess and it is quite a wrench to lose it.  You can read the rules of mo here.

Wifey is pleased as she has never really liked it.  The deal with her is that at the end of November I will clean shave again until Christmas to see how I like it with a view to staying like it.

Anyway I guess I will need to report on my progress and post the odd photo – starting in the morning with a fluff free face picture –  so keep a lookout.

I have also register to take part in the Greenwich Park Mo-Run 10K in two weeks time.  If I can do it with others then I’ll fun-run it but if on my lonesome then I’ll be going for it.  Link to the event webpage here.

Any support – moral or otherwise is appreciated.  You can donate to the charities and movember organisation via my MoBro page at

Loads of people are supporting movember including many of my twitter friends including Alan Perryman (@grimnorth) so support him and everyone else.

Why not even grow your own mo!?

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