London to Southend 2014

Today was the 2014 edition of the London to Southend cycle and instead of taking part as I had planned I decided I needed sponsor money toward my own cycle challenge in August more than I needed to take part.  So I did what I often do and took photos of those taking part.  I was sat within a mile of the finish just after the roundabout on Sutton Road by the cemeteries from about 11.45am to about 1.30pm.

I had planned to be there from 11am but I had assumed the route was the same as in 2012 when I also took photos (see that blog here) so I walked up to Prittlewell Chase to where the route wasn’t.  I asked a cyclist who had just completed the route who told me where it actually was so had to walk home and get in the car to get to my vantage point.

L2S4 - 0073

By the same token I would have stayed later had the battery in my camera not run out and had I not forgotten to take my spare battery.  I did contemplate heading back after going home but I didn’t and this was a good decision as shortly afterwards the heavens opened.  Major sympathies for any riders that were out in it – it was biblical.

I wasn’t taking photos for as long as I would have liked so If I didn’t capture you passing by then I am sorry for that but if you finished between about noon and 1.45pm then I should have snapped you passing by – and thanks to all those who gave me a smile and a wave.  I have included 99% of the photos I took and some are not as sharp as I would have liked  but have included those anyway.

L2S3 - 0061


I will add a few of my favourites in due course but if you are reading this you are no doubt looking for photos so in the meantime I will just include the links to the albums as below.  Unusually I have included a prominent copyright notice on all the photos I have uploaded.

As I mentioned above I am taking part in the Ride London Surrey 100 cycle in August and am raising money for the British Tinnitus Association.  If you would like to have copies of any of the photographs in which you appear then I will provide them for a donation to my fundraising.  Email me on with details of the photos you want (Album number and photo number/s) and I will send them to you after which you can decide how much to donate.

L2S3 - 0005

You can support me regardless of whether you want photos on my justgiving site which is at

London to Southend 2014 Album 1
London to Southend 2014 Album 2
London to Southend 2014 Album 3
London to Southend 2014 Album 4


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