Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Whilst holidaying near Harrogate last week we spent the day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield in South Yorkshire.  It was a brilliant day out enjoyed by all the family and it justifiably deserves the 2014 Museum of the Year award that it collected recently.  Needless to say it is a photographers paradise and I took a fair number of photographs…

The 500 acre park is in the grounds of Bretton Hall only 1 mile from junction 38 of the M1.  The park includes a visitor centre and ‘underground’ gallery plus other gardens and buildings dotted around the grounds.  Most of the outside sculptures are between the YSP centre and the two lakes in the bottom of the valley with a few on the south valley side.  The whole park is a lovely place to walk and chill out in and really is worth a visit.

I have uploaded a selection of the photos I took to Google photos here plus I have included a few of my favourites below to give you a flavour.  Enjoy.

This first photo is of the supports to the piece by Roger Hiorns called ‘Siezure’.  Basically a council flat scheduled for demolition was filled with copper sulphate solution and then drained after crystals had grown on all the internal surfaces.  The work was due to be demolished after it was done but was saved and moved to the park where it will live for the next 10 years.  I liked the box itself and the building it was housed in (precast concrete – I am a civil engineer after all).

No photos were allowed inside the flat but it was quite amazing with 4 inches thick of big blue crystals covering every surface.  See some images on the YSP website here.

YSP - 0011
The building / box containing Siezure by Roger Hiorns
YSP - 0003
Molecule Man 1+1+1 by Jonathan Borofsky
YSP - 0004
Fascinating but slightly disturbing. Not sure of artist / piece
YSP - 0005
Not sure of artist / piece again but think it was a horse head
YSP - 0011
Seated Figures by Magdalena Abakanowicz. Liked these.
YSP - 0012
Big lady / hare mashup piece. Again both interesting and disturbing
YSP - 0014
A modern piece with my daughter photographing
YSP - 0017
Daughter liked this piece particularly
YSP - 0019
Rest of the family on a bridge over the River Dearne that runs through the valley bottom
YSP - 0025
Not sure of artist / piece but interesting nonetheless
YSP - 0031
One and Other by Anthony Gormley
YSP - 0040
This laser cut steel plate formed the walkway into the YSP Centre. It was one of 50 or so such plates and I presume the names are those of people who donated to the museum.
YSP - 0042
Iron Tree by AiWeiwei. The Chapel is in the background right and contained more works by Ai Weiwei. This tree was amazing.
YSP - 0044
One of quite a few Henry Moore pieces in the grounds
YSP - 0050
Geese coming into land
YSP - 0054
Another Henry Moore
YSP - 0063
Don’t know artist / piece but like it and its position overlooking the lake



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