Southend Egret

Yesterday I was supposed to photographing the inaugural Brentwood parkrun however a nasty RTA in Southend mean’t that I was held up so long that I didn’t get there (sorry again guys).  I returned home in a bit of a foul mood and decided as I had all my warm clothes on and my gear all with me to go down to the seafront to see what I could find to photograph.  I’m glad I did.

The tide was nearly high and the light was gorgeous.  I started off taking some photos of some dew laden plants by the roadside and then around the new ramp that has been installed for disabled access to the beach.  I then spotted some gulls fishing off the walls around the beach pool as the tide was just getting to the top of the walls.

Egret - 0006-2


I watched and photographed the gulls for a while before spotting an Egret a bit further down the beach.  An Egret is best described as looking like a white Heron and they are quite common in the south east especially in winter although I have never seen one fishing on the beach.  This fellow was a Little Egret I think (yellow feet).


Egret - 0005
I love this photo. The gull is pin sharp




He was fascinating to watch as he looked intently in the water with his head moving from side to side constantly before spearing into the water.  I don’t think I actually saw him catch anything but the technique seemed to be all there.  I photographed him and a neighboring gull for a while before he moved to the adjacent groyne where I could get some better full body shots.



He didn’t stop long – especially as I tried to get closer to him – and soon flew back to my left onto a concrete slab and then again back to the original groyne.  This did give me a chance to snatch some in flight shots which I was quite pleased with although not as sharp as I would have like.




He posed for a while in the full sun before heading off down the the beach and was gone.  I was getting pretty cold by this time so headed home – in a much improved mood than earlier.

The photos were all taken on mt Nikon D5200 mostly with my 70-300mm kit lens. I hope you have enjoyed the tale and the photos.  Do leave comments if you have any.




By bye Little Egret – see you again




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