HARP24 2018

Apologies for a late and brief update on this…

Last weekend was the 2018 edition of the HARP24 ultra running event.  As usual I was down to take a shed load of photos of of the event – on a voluntary basis – but life conspired against me and I had to miss out on the start and Saturday afternoon as I was attending my Brother-in-law’s wedding in Brighton.

I had organised cover for the time I was away but somewhat annoyingly that fell through at the 11th hour.  Fortunately the most excellent Nelson Howe stood in at the last minute to capture the start and some of the remainder of the event.

I was back in time to get a few shots on Saturday evening before it got dark and as I was setting up for the night time shoot.  I shot in the dark from around 10pm to around 12.30am before tiredness – and the wildlife – got the better of me.  I returned on Sunday morning to get a few shots and to cover the prizegiving.

I have now shared all my photos and I believe Nelson has shared most – if not all – of his so below I provide links to where you can find the various albums. Apologies that they are rather all over the place this year.  If Nelson still has photos to share then I will update this page once I have the links.

So on Facebook where all photos – mine and Nelson’s – can be shared free of charge for social media purposes so long as any watermark is retained and visible you can find albums via the links below:

All my photos are in albums on my Photography Facebook Page at Facebook.com/noynek so why not like the page so you get to see any new content I add. Please.  Likewise Nelson’s photos are in albums on his Facebook page at Facebook.com/nelsinki.photo so like his page too!

My Facebook album from Saturday evening before the night time shots
My Facebook album of night time shots on Saturday night
My Facebook album of shots from Sunday morning including the prizegiving

Nelson’s Facebook album from around the event village on Saturday morning
Nelson’s Facebook album of night time shots on Saturday night

My photos are also on my proper website in a gallery with sets for the different… sets.  You can download lo-res images from there and they will probably be better quality than saving from Facebook.  You can also purchase hi-res versions from there.  If you do purchase then you will get a link to download the image.  You will however only get the lo-res version on the download.  I will see that you have downloaded and – as soon as I can – I will edit, crop, improve etc the orginal and send you the hi-res version to the email you give when purchasing.

My gallery of photos on my formal website

I’ll add a link to Nelson’s website here as and when he has sorted it.

And lastly…. if you would like to purchase a ‘souvenir’ image or print like the one below then just email me at noynek99@gmail.com and we can go from there.

5150 Watermarked print branded





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