Southend 10K 2018


I have uploaded all my photos from the Southend 10K earlier today. However of late I have been struggling to upload bulk photos to Facebook which is a bit of a pain as I know how much people like to tag and comment and share. So on this occasion I have uploaded the whole lot to a Google Photos album which you can access from this link

As previously these are lo-res, unedited, copyright watermarked images which I am happy for people to download and share on social media so long as the watermark remains on show. If anyone would like hi-res, edited, watermark free versions then these can be had for a small fee from my pixieset website at

If you purchase any images they will be delivered by digital download but will be the lo-res watermarked versions.  I will follow up asap with much improved hi-res versins that I will email to you at the email address you supply when you purchase.

So I hope you can cope with Google Photos and sorry that they are all in one album – but enjoy nonetheless. Any probs then comment below.

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