Prittle Brook Foot and Cycle Path

Pleased to see that the Prittle Brook foot/cycle path construction is coming on well.  The path is being upgraded by Southend Council from a narrow footway from which bicycles were banned to a 3m wide combined foot and cycle path with a resin bound stone surface.  The path will eventually connect Priory Park [MAP] in the east to Belfairs Woods [MAP] in the west and will provide a safe access route for families with children and for cyclists alike.  I am particularly pleased as I can get on it from the bottom of my road. The work appears to be being undertaken by contractor W & H Roads.

I am not 100% sure about the surfacing especially with regard to dog excrement which has always been a problem along the path and will be more-so now the unpaved areas have been reduced. It will be more difficult to see and to remove and the surface will increase wear and tear on street cleaning equipment.  I hope that making this into a really nice walking route will encourage dog owners to be responsible and that Southend Council will have a maintenace programme to clean the route at regular intervals. 

I would also have liked to see some low level bollard lighting so the route could be considered safer to use in the hours of darkness. I hope also that some road markings will be added at the highway crossings to alert drivers to its presence.

I have uploaded a few photos to my picasweb site here and included a few photos below.

Typical highway crossing Section of path prior to final surfacing
Section of path prior to final surfacing
Complete section near Prittlewell Chase crossing
Completed section near Prittlewell Chase crossing


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