Southend Half Marathon 2017

Sunday 9th July saw me spend my morning photographing the 2017 Southend Half Marathon.  I was doing so on behalf of Havens Hospices for whom the event is a major fundraiser each year.  I managed to shoot 4,500 photos so if you were taking part there is a fair chance that I snapped you crossing the finish line at the least.


I was planning to capture the pre-race goings-on, the mass start, some of the runners on the course, and as many as possible crossing the finish line.  I hadn’t realised that after the main race mass start there was a Flyers Southend 5km Fun Run so I changed my plan and shot the start and finish of that instead of going out on the course.

I have now processed – as far as I am going to for the moment – the photos that I took and I have finished uploading them to this album on my galleries website.  The photos are grouped into sets for ease of navigation.  If you are looking for yourself then I’m afraid it is a self-search process as I don’t have the facilities (or time) (or inclination) to do number recognition and searching. Apologies if you are one of the very few people I didn’t get a clear shot of – there were times when big groups finished at the same time and a small number of people got blocked by others between them and me.

The photos in the pre-start, mass start, 5km fun run, and some of the finish line photos have been edited by me prior to upload.  The remainder have been uploaded pretty much as-shot hence they may be a bit dark or distant.  If you chose to purchase any hi-res versions then I will edit and crop the ones you purchase before forwarding on to you so you get the best possible photos.

All of the photos in this gallery can be downloaded on a photo-by-photo basis as lo-res watermarked images.  These are provided free of charge for personal social media and family sharing only and you are not permitted to crop off the watermark or otherwise edit the images without my express permission.  Be careful when uploading to social media like Instagram that the watermark is not partially or fully cut off by the website.

If you would like to purchase hi-res un-watermarked images then these can be purchased direct from the gallery for just £3 with £1 of that going to Havens.  Once ordered I will edit and improve the photos you have chosen before emailing them on to you so rest assured in many cases the photos will be better than the ones uploaded to the site (main race finish line ones).  Hi-res photos are for personal use only and if of a group of runners are not to be shared around the group without my permission.  If you want to use for commercial use on websites / in magazines etc then please purchase the ‘for commercial use’ photos.

If you fancy a better souvenir of the race than just a plain photo then why not consider one of my 10″ x 8″ Souvenir prints like the sample below.  These are available for just £9 plus postage with £3 going to Havens, and come ready for framing.  Email me if you would like other formats / sizes or if you want a price for bulk purchases.  The souvenir photos can be found in this album. If you’d like one that isn’t in the album then email me the photo number you’d like and I will create it and upload it for you.


I hope you like the photos.  If you have any queries or feedback then drop me an email or leave a comment below.

Regards, Andy K.

A few samples below:









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