Mobiles saga update

Okay. So when I got back from golf this morning I gave Phones4u a call and got the answer I anticipated ‘no sir, it is not possible for any of the texts of the o2 account upgrade could have affected your old phone’ so there we go. They did say it should be repairable under the warranty as it is less than a year old – by one week. 

So I got play hunt the receipt which I cannot find.  Fortunataly I do remember buying it from the O2 shoup and checked the old mastrcard bills and sure enough – there it is under 07 Nov 2009. 

So I ring the O2 shop and they are actually quite helpful (once the pickup the phone).  Yes sir, if you bought it from us we can provide a proof of purchase and we can sort out sending it off for repair / replacement.  they also confirm that it is impossible for the texts etc to affect the phone.

I’m still not convinced mind about the texts.  The probability of the phone going belly up at the exact same time as the account upgrade is just too high – it must be connected. I bow to higher intelligence though and so long as the phone gets fixed then okay.

So I guess things are working out okay in the end and I feel a bit better about it.   The phone should either get repaired or replaced so the boy should still be able to use it – and might even get a new handset out of it.

All part of lifes trials and tribulations that I can do without.

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