Last day of summer 2011 – in tweets

I had a fun day today up in London and decided – mid afternoon – that it would be fun to do a blog of my tweets for the day.

I have decided to include retweets and replies to my tweets for completeness.

So here goes….

Morning all. On the choo choo up to town to make my fortune. aka another day at work. Have a goodun one and all.

@AndieHSI morning Andie 🙂

RT@DKPT_Norwich Great article about exercise & heart health :

A fine example of timber support to an excavation. Outside The Globe PH, Moorgate. #LaingORourke

Temporary hoarding supports for city sites. Moorgate for LS #Crossrail works. #BamNuttall

What lies beneath. Moorgate in this instance. Oh utility works are so much fun NOT.

I find it jolly frustrating that much of the #CivilEngineering work in #London at the mo like #Crossrail is done in secret behind hoardings.

Lovely historical engineering.

–>(@Craighill83) @Noynek where the hell was that! Very continental!

–>(@CraigHill83) @Noynek fantastic…reminds me a bit of St pancreas

—–>@craighill83 This pissoir is near a big west London station after which a certain bear was named…

—–>@craighill83 Ah – think I replied to a reply about a different tweet. The roof is at Smithfields Market here

There are at least some viewing? windows at #Farringdon. Well done #Thameslink

#Farringdon #Thameslink through scratched plastic. #Crossrail site too on the rhs.

Am lugging heavy rucksac around with laptop and lever arch file. Back beginning to scream. #GoodPlanPoorlyExecuted

–>(@CadSetterOut) @Noynek Time for a cuppa 😉

Heading now to Paddington. Don’t know if I dare tweet a photo 😛

@ianvisits afternoon Ian. I’m wandering around London today looking at construction sites. On my way to Paddington. Kings X later.

Change of plan. Off to @ICE_engineers at One Great George Street for a spot of lunch. Anyone want to join me?

Darn it. Got off tube at Green Park thinking it was St James’s Park #Fail

Liking the #Olympic site #Artwork in the restaurant at One Great George Street @ICE_Engineers. Good food down here too 🙂

55 Broadway #NuffSaid

#LessonLearned don’t try to get westbound circle line to Paddington from Westminster. Better to use Jubilee Line to Baker Street then Met

Passenger Information Boards are somewhat dated at #EarlsCourt And where are all the chuffing Paddington chuff chuffs

Construction work on a big project in a large city by a major contractor for an important client.

–>(@BimblerBaz) @Noynek White steel – gotta be Tesco?

—–>@BimblerBaz Na – way off. Can’t say where it is. Look in the background for clues.

Lots of tweeting today. Methinks I may assemble them all into blog post. That seems kinda fun!

Is this what I think it is? #NotForMeMate

–>(@carol120662) @Noynek yes it is. Don’t be shy now !!

—–>@carol120662 maybe at 2am when pi55ed but not at 3pm!

@MattHolbrook86 ahh bless 😉

A very pleasing day. Hope yours was too 🙂

–> (@demerarabird) @Noynek good for you! I have the hump, but about to burn off frustration at bodypump. Ooh, that rhymes!

–>(@AndieHSI)@Noynek Well done you! I had a day where I felt like an unmade bed… :o(

And we’re home. Fab day. #BracknellBound tomoz.

Lights on but nobody home. At home that is – not being rude. Must be back down at #AdventureIsland

Ah good – a first pledge in support of my 10K run rapidly approaching. Any other takers… ?

Actually able to have a go on the ‘puter while the youngest is out. When he’s here, he’s on minecraft or watching minecraft vids on Y0utube

Am going to blog today’s tweets later. Should I include replies to same? – think I should for completeness.

Taking the mountain bike when #BracknellBound tomoz. Going for a thrash in #SwinleyForest after work with a colleague 🙂


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