Kielder Water Time Lapse Videos

Whilst on a recent family holiday to Kielder Water & Forest Park I ‘filmed’ some more time lapse sequences using an android app called Timelapse! by ExplorerDC running on my HTC Desire HD.  This app takes the photos and creates video in one go based on your pre-selected choices of image size, time interval, and frames per second (fps) in the video.

For a quick and dirty way of producing timelapses I think it is pretty good.  When I get more time I shall dabble with better images and software to do the video’s but in the meantime this will suffice.

I think the sunrise one is the best of the set.  The sunset timelpase is not as good as I wanted as the phone battery ran out just before the best bit 😦

Sunrise over Kielder Water

Kielder Water ferry arrival and departure

Short cloudscape over Kielder Water (like the sheep in the grass)

Sunset over Kielder Water from the dam


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