Faith in AV companies returns (a little)

Well that’s a turnup for the books

We now have 3 computers in the house all with separate McAfee internet security products all running in different yearly periods at what I consider to be bloomin expensive prices.

The most recent laptop purchase for daughter had 1 month trial expiring in a weeks time.

So yesterday I look at McAfee website and see reference to multi PC deals and use their online chat facility to find out what the best deal is and how to go about getting it.

Helpful chappie in outer punjabigolialand tells me to renew this expiring product to May next year to align-ish with the other two and then when they all expire to purchas a 3 computer product.  Sound I thought though wasn’t convinced that I could renew for a part year – but hey ho.

Have just had a call from a young lady from Chinamongolialand who says they have reviewed the log of the chat yesterday and have decided I wasn’t given the most appropriate advice and as such they are going to give me the 3 computer product now for free for the next year and jobs a goodun.

Now I feel like I have been done a good deed and I am better off for it and I think I am.  I’m suspicious, but I’m happy to take it on face value that they gave duff advice and to buy me off they give me a good deal.  I can go with that.

I do need to re-install updated software on all 3 computers and it remains to be seen whether it all turns out to be as was described but am hopeful its all good.

So well done McAfee.  You have gone up in my estimation (a smidge) and restored a little faith in AV companies…

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