Greenwich Park Mo-Running 10K

As part of my movember activities I took part in the Mo-running London 10K this morning in Greenwich Park.  I was doing the event partly to raise funds for the Movember charities and you can visit my mo webpage at and donate if you would be so kind.

Got up early and got there far too early as I was concerned about finding somewhere to park.  I need not have worried. Plenty of space.  It gave me a chance to have a wander around which was nice as I’ve not been to Greenwich park for ages.

Early morning in Greenwich park, London

It was a really well organised race and we started at 10am on the button.  The course was two laps around a somewhat hilly course and it was quite brutal if truth be told.

Loads of people sporting mo’s – both bros and sistas – and loads in fancy dress.  Felt I should have made more effort really but as I was on my own it felt a bit daft.  Suffered too a little from mo envy as mine is a slow grow mo and so not as extensive as some others on show.

Mo bros and sistas gathering
Err.. okay

I was quite near the front in the start pen and went off rather fast to be frank.  The first 1km was flat and then steep downhill so not too bad.  We then went from the low ground to the high ground 4 times which was darn hard work.

I walked a couple of times but not too much.  I also managed to cock up my timings as my gps wasn’t working and I managed to stop my watch stopwatch instead of doing a lap time so at time of writing I’m not sure of my exact time.  The results are now out and my details are here on the Race Timing Systems website. The full list is also on the main event webpage here.

I finished with a chip time of 55mins 38secs which is a new 10K Personal Best which on a hilly course was great.  Winner crossed the line in 38 min 17secs which wasn’t that fast I didn’t think. I was 17mins 27 secs off the winner which I think is pretty good actually.  Pleased with that me 🙂 I was 262nd out of 1049 who finished. last finisher was in 1 hour 31min.

Who's that fit bloke? Got chapie to snap me at the finish.
Yay. Got me a medal!

I have put the route and the activity on runkeeper here.  Worth looking at the profile to see the hills.

Overall I was pleased with my performance.  Still can’t imagine doing a half marathon – let alone the full monty!


Donate on my page (please) or give me some cash when you next see me!!!!

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