London in the dark

I was in Heathrow for the day today and passed through London on the way home as night was falling.  I took some pictures of a construction job at Paddington Station on my phone as I passed through and I rather liked the results – even though the actual quality of the photos wasn’t very good.  I tried playing around with some of the settings and pre-set effects and thought the ‘vintage’ one pretty good.

Anyway – the circle line was having a bit of a moment on the way to Fenchurch Street Station and so we all had to get off at Moorgate.  I decided to walk and whilst passing through the City I took some more photos of various buildings and sights.  The photos looked great on the phone but unfortunately less so when viewed on the PC but seen small I still like them.  The best of them are included below.  I hope you like.

I keep making mental notes to spend some time in London with my decent camera both during the day and at night but never quite get around to it. Must must must do so – there is loads to see.

New H&C LUL Station at Paddington
Heron Tower - Londons tallest (until The Shard is finished)
Good 'ole Nat West Tower (Built by John Mowlem & Co)
Tower cranes near the Lloyds Building
The Lloyds Building
Nicely illuminated scaffold under the Lloyds Building
Scaffold closeup
Arcade just along from Lloyds Building
Concrete core of the Walkie Talkie Building

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