Historic Civil Engineering in Essex

The Essex Branch of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has just published a leaflet and matching poster highlighting 17 sites of historic civil engineering in Essex.  It is the third in a series of leaflets produced in the East of England region to complement those for Hertfordshire and Suffolk.

The poster / leaflet was produced by Ian Anderson of the the ICE Panel for Historical Engineering Works (PHEW) with assistance from the Essex Branch on the selection of sites to be included.  We are pleased that some more recent – though still historically important – sites have been included such as Bradwell Nuclear Power Station and the Queen Elizabeth II bridge at Dartford.

The leaflets (of which we have 7000 in the initial print run) are destined mainly for Tourist Information offices, museums and libraries throughout the region and if the experience of Herts and Suffolk is repeated they will prove extremely popular.  The posters (of which we have 500 each of the two A3 sheets) are destined for schools  the region to assist students with their studies.

An online version of the poster can be downloaded from the ICE East of England website.  Hard copies of the both the poster and the leaflet can also be obtained via the regional administrator Heather Bell at heather.bell@ice.org.uk. Click the image below to open a larger image of the poster in a new window.


The online version of the Hertfordshire poster can be downloaded here and the Suffolk poster can be downloaded from here.  I believe the intention is to eventually produce leaflets/posters for all the branches/counties in the East of England.

The Panel for Historic Engineering works has published a number of books on Civil Engineering Heritage that are available through the ICE bookshop and can be purchased online.  The East Anglian book can be found on the ICE bookshop here.


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