Well the day finally came on Saturday when along with 4,999 others I got the opportunity to run 5 miles around the London 2012 Olympic Park and finish inside the Olympic Stadium down the home straight in front of thousands of applauding spectators.  A day that will be long remembered.

Regular readers will know that 40,000 or so people entered the ballot to get a place on this run and I was one of the lucky ones to get a place.  I found out I had a place back in October 2011 (read about it here) and have been eagerly awaiting the day since.

I will update this page in the next few days with the whole story but in the meantime I have included a few of my photos and a link to a video someone took and uploaded so you get a flavour of the day.  Wordpress doesn’t do too good a job at compressing inserted photos so the pics below look a bit fuzzy.  Click on each photo to open a better and bigger version in a new window.

I have uploaded two albums of photos that can be found on my Picasaweb photo sharing website here for album 1 and here for album 2.  My running mate Rowena Harding – @Rowenanews on twitter – has also uploaded an album of photos with a fair few of me in and these can be found here.

Staff directing us at Stratford Station / Westfield
The queue to get into the park
Me and that there Olympic stadium
Me and that stadium again
The end of the main part of the Aquatics Centre (swimming pool)
The Aquatic Centre with the temporary stands either side of the main part
The Orbit - not sure if I like it or not
My first view inside the Olumpic Stadium - wow (and so small!)
In the Pink Wave starting area (getting cold)
And we're off and running over the Central Park Bridge
Running up toward the Athletes Village
Approaching the Velodrome - stunning building
Looking back at the temporary Basketball Venue
Looking over the partly constructed(?) BMK track
My running mate for the day - Rowena Harding
Me running past the media centre - photo taken by a kindly passing runner
The 'Copper Box' building. Not sure what venue it is!
Looking back with Central park Bridge in foreground
The temporary Water Polo venue.
Husband and wife running together
Jamies Farm - a running cow!
A brass band - one of 3 or 4 bands playing along the route
Entering the Olympic Stadium competitors entrance
Running inside the competitor tunnel of the Olympic Stadium
Entering the stadium proper and onto the track
Running down the back straight with Rowena
The home straight and the finish in sight
Crossing the finish line
After the finish - and we've done it!
A very happy Rowena
An equally very happy me!
A last view back on the way out
Me and the very lovely Rowena
Me and my rather nice medal.

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  1. Great blog, I wish I had taken so many good photos along the route. I did a bit of a write up too, feel free to check it out. Did you get your official pic today?

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