One Tower Bridge

My new daily commute involves a leisurely stroll across London’s Tower Bridge from Fenchurch Street Station to Tanner Street.  In doing so I pass by – at high level – the construction site for the new One Tower Bridge development.  I am going to be doing this for a few months so it will afford me the opportunity of taking the odd snap of what is going on.

We have a uni student working as part of our team for the summer hols who seems interested in learning all he can about the industry during his summer placement – so at lunchtime I walked out with him to see what we could see on the site from the vantage point on Tower Bridge.  I had noted that they were erecting a tower crane on the site when I crossed earlier so there was lots going on.

We chatted about various things including tower cranes and mobile cranes and the silent piling that was going on.  He seems genuinely interested and asked some good questions. It is a pleasure talking to him and educating him as much as I can whilst also enthusing about the industry.

A few pictures below which open to bigger versions in new windows on clicking and there is a holding page for the development on the developers website that can be found here.

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