London to Southend Cycle 2012

Last weekend was the 2012 London to Southend cycle event in aid of The British Heart Foundation. I had signed up to take part but a heavy cold and associated lack of sleep and training meant I had to pull out.

It was a glorious day for the event which made it all the more galling to miss it but seeing as it passes close to my house I decided to go and watch/support and take some photographs as I did last year.

I set myself up outside Southend High School for Boys in Westcliff which is about half a mile from the finish in Priory Park and I took around 2,400 photos in the 2 hour period I was there from about 12.15 until 2pm.

I have uploaded low resolution versions of about half the photos I took into three albums on my picasaweb photo sharing site as below.  If you see yourself in any of the photos and would like a higher resolution version then email me on and I’ll email one.

London to Southend cycle Album 01 – 12.15 to 12.50 approx

London to Southend cycle Album 02 – 12.50 to 13.28 approx

London to Southend cycle Album 03 – 13.28 to 14.00 approx

I have already been contact by a couple of riders that I snapped and have sent them photos which are included in the selection of photos included below.  I have included photos of all those people who waved at me as they went past – which turns out to be quite a lot.  Seems like a great many people had a fabulous day.  Well done all.









































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