Eels live at Brixton O2 – 21st March 2013

Eels came to London again this week and didn’t disappoint.  Wearing matching Adidas tracksuits  the 5 piece guitar and drum combo lead by the enigmatic Mark Oliver ‘E’ Everett played a relatively short set mostly from the new Wonderful – Glorious album sprinkled with some tracks from the back catalog.

I’m sad to say that due to phone battery being dead issues I didn’t actually manage to take any pics or movies but there are plenty out there if you google the event.

The boys opened the show just before 9pm with a trio of songs from the new album – Bombs Away, Feeling Kinda Fuzzy and Open My Present – and over the next 90 mins or so managed to squeeze in some newish oldies including Souljacker Part 1, Prizefighter, Fresh Blood and the brilliant Tremendous Dynamite.

Tremendous Dynamite – Brixton 2013

As usual there were some strange antics instigated by E with lots of hugs being requested and given and a bizarre renewing of vows of dedication to one another by E and guitarist Chet at one stage.  While this vow renewing malarkey was going on the remaining band members serenaded them with a rendition of ‘Wind Beneath my Wings” which was a bizarre as it was brilliant.

Musically they were brilliant as usual.  If you like their quiet melodic stuff then you may be a wee bit disappointed because live they are a 4 piece guitar band with a drummer and they give it the beans as the video below from their 2010 gig at the same venue (which I also went to) shows.  The closest they came was with “On The Ropes” and “The Turnaround” which are both great tracks off the new album.

Souljacker Part 1 – Brixton 2010

Among their own songs were a few covers including the Fleetwood Mac hit “Oh Well” and the Small Faces track “Itchycoo Park”.  One of the highlights was a mash-up of  “My Beloved Monster” and “Mr E’s Beautiful Blues” which worked really well although I’d actually seen it on You Tube (below) prior to the show which made its ‘spontaneity’ a touch odd.

My Beautiful Monster / Mr. E’s Beatuful Blues mashup – Brixton 2013

The band managed a couple of encores before they left the stage for good around 10.15pm.  I would have liked another half hour to be honest but that aside another great gig from Eels.  If you don’t know of them then you should and if you like proper rock guitar – then see them play live.

Two support acts opened the show – the first being a blue wig wearing air guitarist who it turns out was one of the bands support crew named only as Steve.  He didn’t do much for me but was in keeping with other Eels gigs – The last time I saw them in 2010 one of the supports was a ventriloquist if memory serves.

The second support act was much more up my street –  Nicole Atkins – a lone guitar playing singer who had touch of Cheryl Crow about her.  Atkins played 5 or 6 decent tracks and got a good reception from the crowd.  I shall seek out here new album Mondo Amore.

Nicole-Atkins-2-LG (1)
Nicole Atkins

Great tweet from Nicole after the show with acts eyes view of the crowd – I’m in there somewhere!

Just played alone to the biggest London crowd I’ve ever played for. Faaaahhhh! 

All in all a great show – thoroughly recommended 🙂

A few more You Tube videos are included below – partly for my own benefit to find them again later! Enjoy 🙂

The Turnaround – Brixton 2013

Try, Try, Try – Nicole Atkins – Brixton 2013

Another by Nicole – Brixton 2013

Couldn’t resist including this one…

Birds – Brixton 2010

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