Southend Half Marathon 2013

It was the the annual Southend half Marathon today in aid of  Havens Hospices.  I was not running on this occasion but plenty were – including many twitter friends of mine – and so I decided to do as I often do and go down to support and to photograph.  As I have mentioned on previous occasions I really like to find photo’s of myself in running and cycling events afterwards and so when I can I like to take photos for others who might be the same.

I got there later than planned as I went out for a 50 mile cycle with friends beforehand.  Two punctures on the return leg put paid to being at the start of the Half Marathon so when I got home at 10.40 I downed a protein shake, changed my clothes, grabbed my parrot, and jumped in the car.  I pitched up at the mini-roundabout at the intersection of the seafront and Thorpe Hall Avenue and snapped 800 photos from about 11:25 until my memory card filled up at just gone noon.  I guess this was at about the 11 mile mark so would equate to a finishing time of about  1 hr 40 m to  2 hr 20 min.  If you finished in that time range I may well have snapped you.

You might have spotted me – I had a parrot with me.  Needless to say this raised a few eyebrows especially when I walked past the tennis club and all you could see above the hedge was the parrot 🙂

Me and my parrot
Me and my parrot

I have uploaded low res versions of the photos I took to various albums on my google+ site and these can accessed from the links below.  You are welcome to download the low res versions for your personal use or if you want high res versions then email me at  If you find pics of yourself and you feel so inclined you can stick some sponsor money on my Justgiving site for the Havens Hospices Mucky Mud Run that I took part in last weekend.

An album of my favorites can be found here and a collage of them is included below:

Click to open full size version
Click to open full size version

Mile 11 at 11.26 to 11.30

Mile 11 at 11.30 to 11.40

Mile 11 at 11.40 to 11.50

Mile 11 at 11.50 to 12.00

Mile 11 at 12.00 to 12.06

Included below are some of my favourites from this morning.  All open to bigger versions in new windows on clicking.  Enjoy.


















3 Replies to “Southend Half Marathon 2013”

  1. Thanks for the photos Andrew, just wondering if you have anymore from the Southend Half Marathon last Sunday? Or do you know of any other photographers that were at the event?

    Many Thanks


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