LoSS 10K 2013

It is mid October which means it is Leigh on Sea 10K time again.  Once again I had entered however I did not feel up to running it on the day so regretfully I was a DNS.  The good news however is that it left me free to go and take some photos of all those super people who took part.

LOSS 10k 2013

There were a fair number talking part that I knew either via twitter or in the flesh (or both) so it was good to get out and get some pics of them. I ended up taking around 1,300.

The weather forecast was pants but in the end – notwithstanding the deluge at the start – the weather turned out okay. Which was great.  I bet most people were dry (from the rain anyway) by the time they got to the finish.

As previously I have uploaded Lo Res versions (max 640px) of all the photos I took to my Picasweb / Google+ website and there are links below.  Feel free to download the Lo Res versions unrestricted.  If you would like Hi Res versions then email me at noynek99@gmail.com with details of the pics you want and I’ll email you back.

I will do what I have done in previous years.  I will email you the Hi-Res versions and ask that you make a small donation – just a couple of quid (or more if you want) – to my chosen charity of Havens Hospices via the Justgiving website or by the donate by text service.  I’ll provide details in the email and on here in due course.

I will add some of my favorites to this blog when I get time too!

Apologies if I took a place that someone else wanted however I only made the decision not to run this morning.

Album 1 – Near the Skateboard Park / Leigh Station car park

Album 2 – Approaching the roundabout at the bottom of the hill

Album 3 – At the finish line

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