Maldon Prom parkrun

Yesterday morning I took a short drive from Southend to Maldon to attend Maldon Prom parkrun.  Not to run but to take some photos.  Regular readers will know that I like to photograph local running events partly as I like photography and partly as my knackered old legs aren’t up to running anymore.I have photographed Southend and Basildon a few times and even Weymouth on one occasion but never made the trip to Maldon.

I had not signed up as volunteer photographer beforehand but had noted that no-one was on the roster so made my way over and introduced myself to the team who were more than happy for me to take some photos.  Armed with a volunteers hi-viz I had a reconnoiter of the course.

The course is really pretty and mostly flat with sections along the river frontage and in the park itself.  It starts with a complete lap of the pond then does two loops out to almost the end of the prom and back with a finish on the grass.  It is very photogenic (unlike some I could mention) and great for photography.

So I snapped the start, coming back around the pond, coming back along the prom for the first time, and then the finish taking my usual ridiculous number of photos (998) on two cameras.  I use my Nikon D5200 with 70-300 lens and my daughters Nikon D3100 with 18-105 lens.  Back at camp I use Adobe Lightroom to enhance the pics (clarity and vibrancy mainly plus tweaking the exposure) before culling them down to a reasonable number.

Just a few below to give you a flavour of the event.  You can view all 500 or so on my google+ photo site here . Take a look at some of my other albums while you are there maybe.  As always the uploaded photos are small low-res versions.  If you want hi-res versions of any then email me at and I’ll mail them over.

Enjoy – and I will return to Maldon in due course…

mpr - 0019
mpr - 0058
mpr - 0065
And they’re off
mpr - 0081
First loop around the pond
mpr - 0118
Around the pond first time
mpr - 0228
First loop back along the prom
mpr - 0263
Nearly there
mpr - 0319
At the finish funnel
mpr - 0411
And sprint across the line
mpr - 0362
And relax
mpr - 0481
And good to go again
mpr - 0486
And socialise



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