Southend 10K 2014 – Photos

Today was the 2014 running (clever huh) of the Southend 10K for Havens Hospices. It was a glorious morning and as I am prone to doing I took my camera (and my daughters) out to take photos of all you fabulous people taking part.

S10K14A1 - 0045

This is a bit of a temporary post as I don’t have time to do a full post today – I will update this when I get time.  For the moment however I have included links below to my google+ photo albums containing lo-res versions of all the photos I took this morning.

You are welcome to use these photos as you wish copyright free – and to be honest at 1600 pixels max they are pretty good – but if you would like copies of the full sized photos you can email me at and I can get them to you.

I don’t do this for personal gain – I just enjoy doing it and I enjoy that it gives others pleasure to see photos of themselves taking part.  For the hi-res versions I would ask that you give a small donation to charity – it will be Havens Hospices and the link you need is below.  If you want to just give a few £ donation regardless to say thanks for me taking the photos then do please go ahead.

Justgiving page for donations

So here are the photos.  Come back soon when the page should be updated and have more details.

Southend 10K 2014 Album 1 of 7

Southend 10K 2014 Album 2 of 7

Southend 10K 2014 Album 3 of 7

Southend 10K 2014 Album 4 of 7

Southend 10K 2014 Album 5 of 7

Southend 10K 2014 Album 6 of 7

Southend 10K 2014 Album 7 of 7


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