Structurally FOUND

On Saturday I stumbled across @StructureFOUND on twitter and thence to  Structurally found is a photographic competition being held over the OpenHouse weekend of 20/21st September.  The idea is to instagram or tweet any number of photos each showing one or more of the nine structural forms listed on the website with the appropriate Hashtag.  The photos have to by you but don’t have to have been taken in London or been taken this weekend.  All the rules are on the website.  Needless to say being a) a construction professional and b) a keen photographer… I was in.

So over the weekend I have been submitting entries and as a result have hooked up with a few more like minded built environment liking tweeters. It has been great going through my photo library looking for suitable entries so I decided to put them all in a blog so you can see them all together.  All photos open to bigger versions in new tabs.  I will add the photos I enter throughout the weekend and update the blog – so check back later!


paris - 0003
#Truss Lots of them – Eiffel Tower, Paris
ts - 0001-2
#TensionStructure #PinConnection Cable anchorages at the Olympic Park
connaught - 0001
Connaught #Tunnel brick #Arch
chatham - 0001
#Arch #Truss Timber truss arches over a shed at Chatham Historic Dockyard
cwcs - 0002
#Arch Arches over Canary Wharf Crossrail Station
paddington - 0001
#Arch Most beautifil arches in the world. Paddington Station. Isambard Kingdom Brunel
paris - 0001
#Arch #Truss #PinConnection Elegant river bridge in Paris
lgp - 0001
#Cantilever #PinConnection #Truss Quayside cranes at London Gateway Port
diagrid - 0002
#Diagrid Gerkin
diagrid - 0001
#Diagrid Cheesgrater during construction
paperbridge - 0001
#Arch Truss paper bridge
tyne - 0005
#PinConnection detail on Tyne Bridge
tyne - 0001
#Truss #Arch #PinConnection Tyne Bridges
tyne - 0002
#PinConnection Gateshead Millenium Bridge main pivot
tyne - 0003
#Arch #PinConnection Gateshead Millenium Bridge
lbs - 0004
#Truss Older listed trusses part of now dismantled canopy at London Bridge Station
lbs - 0007
#PinConnection Old style London Bridge Station
lbs - 0006
#Truss #Diagrid 70’s roof over London Bridge Station now removed
lbs - 0001
#Truss #PinConnection Listed bridge over Tooley Street entrance to London Bridge Station
tension - 0001
#Truss TensionStructure Pont De L’Abime, France
pinconnection - 0001
#PinConnection on A14 Milton Bridge
arch - 0003
Huby rail #arch viaduct in Yorkshire
arch - 0001
#Arch A14 Milton Footbridge before driving across the A14 on SPMTs
TS - 0001
#TensionStructure My first entry and my favourite. The ultimate tension structure. Taken this morning in my garden.
truss - 0003
#Truss #Arch Part of the Rage roller coaster on Southend seafront
Pin - 0001
#PinConnection Roof node at the Eden Project, Cornwall
Dome - 0002
#Dome #TensionStructure St Pauls Cathedral and the Millenium Bridge, London.
Dome - 0001
#Dome Bio domes at the Eden Project – UK
cantilever - 0003
#Cantilever Post Office tower. Worth a try!
cantilever - 0002
#Cantilever Balconies on flats on Southend Seafront
cantilever - 0001
#Cantilever Angel of the North, Yorkshire
buttress - 0001
#Buttreess #Arch Goucester Cathedral
arch - 0002
#Arch Bridge in Godmanchester, Cambs. With ICE President Geoff French standing on.
tunnel - 0002
#Tunnel – Ice tunnel in glacier, Chamonix, France







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