EETC Kids & Off-road Triathlons 2015

Yesterday I was taking photos at the East Essex Triathlon Club’s annual Kids and Off-road Triathlons held at the Basildon Sporting Village.  I had been asked by the organisers if I would do the event photography and I was happy to oblige.


I was very ably assisted by my daughter Lizzie who was based at the finish line whilst I roamed around the course.  As there was only two of us we were not able to get any pool shots so apologies if anyone wanted those.

Despite our very ‘non-pro’ equipment we managed between us to take over 3,000 photos with the vast majority being pretty good for most purposes.  If you want to print them billboard size then sorry – but for anything else the photos are quite passable.


Links to the albums of photos are included below.  We covered this event for free and not for personal gain – instead we used it as a charity fundraising activity.  The result means that if you would like non-copyrighted high resolution versions of the photos then you need to make a donation to Haven’s Hospices via my just giving site.






You would normally pay £5-8 per image from a commercial photographer however I will provide any number of high resolution copyright free images of a single competitor for a minimum donation of £10 per competitor – more would be appreciated if you afford it but I’ll leave that up to you.


I’m afraid I don’t have the time or inclination to sort and tag all the photos by entrant number, nor am I going to to sift through finding all the photos of any one entrant.  Instead – if you want photos – you need to find all the photos you want yourself and email me a list to


You need to tell me which album they are in and preferably what image file name they are (click on the ‘i’ symbol).  Alternatively if you save the images you want from the album (they are only 140k each or so) and you can email them to me or list the file names.

Once I have that list I will put high res versions of the photos in a dropbox and email you the link.  You can then decide how much to donate – min £10 per child though and donate via my justgiving site (link below).  Other methods of donating can be arranged if you don’t ‘do’ online donations.

All the photos were uploaded ‘as-shot’.  Before I dropbox your images I will improve them by cropping and adjusting the exposure etc to get the best images I can.  There may be the odd image which isn’t as well focused as it should for which I apologise in advance – but there aren’t many in the 3,000+ set.

I you don’t want any photos but appreciate me and Lizzie spending the day taking photos you can always donate anyway!  the link for donations is below but best you see the photos you get before donating.
just-givingI have included a couple of high resolution non-watermarked shots below as examples of what you should receive.  Click on the images to open the high res versions.



I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and support my fundraising for Havens Hospices.

Be sure also to follow my Photography page on Facebook where I will post photos and links to albums from events I cover – which include local parkruns and sporting events.


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