Southend Half Marathon 2015

I recently provided volunteer event photography services for the Southend Half Marathon on the request of the organisers Havens Hospices. I was more than happy to give up my day to capture the event and a few subsequent evenings to process and upload the results.


You are here for the photos I’m sure so I will cut to the chase.  Find below links to all the albums of photographs on my Google Photos site.  All the photos are low res (mainly for storage reasons) and are technically copyright to me.  That said I’m not coming after you if you use them without permission although you will be in my bad books if I catch you 😉


If you like the photos and/or if you would like full size versions of any of them (I will edit the ones I send out for optimum brightness / contrast etc) then all you need to do is email me at with the photo numbers (preferrably the image file refs eg DSC_0867.jpg or alternatively the album name / photo number) and I will email or dropbox them back to you in return for a small donation to the Finish Line Fund.

The Finish Line Fund
Raising funds to support families of those who died running
In remembrance of Nick Palmer


There is an album on the Havens Hospices Facebook page of a selection of the best photos from the event which you can find here.

Here are my Albums:

Pre- Start
The Start
Out on the Course 1
Out on the Course 2
Out on the Course 3
Out on the Course 4
The Finish 1
The Finish 2
The Finish 3
The Finish 4
The Finish 5
The Prizegiving



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