Moon 17.03.2016

Lovely moon this evening so tried a few shots from the garden.

The moon was Waxing Gibbous 71.8% and a quite an elevation at 55 deg.

Used my old crop sensor Nikon D5200 with my new full frame 200-500 zoom which gives an effective length of 750mm.

Camera on sturdy tripod.

1/200s f/7.1 ISO 100.  Delayed shutter release and remote release

Processed in Lightroom.

First is a crop but still a decent size image at 1942 x 1297

Click images to open full sized versions in new tabs.


And a couple of closer crops




and for a bit of fun I superimposed the outline of the UK on the full photo at the same scale.  Greater London is shown as the yellow blob and would easily fit in the majority of visible craters.

Moon size illustration


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