HARP24 2017 Photos

Had an excellent weekend photographing this years HARP24 ultra running festival / event HQ’d at Westcliff Rugby Club in Southend.  Fabulous people both organising and taking part and great that I know most of them and this makes capturing them in action all the more satisfying.

The photos will primarily be available for a month or two from the event on my client facing photo gallery site and more specifically in the gallery at the link below:


They will also be available in due course on my Photography Facebook page in various albums for you to like and tag as you like doing.  You can find that at www.Facebook.com/noyek.

If you wish to download and keep low res versions then you all have blanket permission to do so for social media purposes and not for any commercial use or publishing elsewhere.  Use the download icons in the main library.  You will need to enter your email address but you will not get spammed or anything.

If you would like high res digital images then I can provide these for a donation to HARP via one of my justgiving sites.  Email me on noynek99@gmail.com with image filenames and I’ll tell you how to donate.

I am also doing more event specific prints like the samples below.  I you would like to purchase any of the images as prints then email me with details.  The basic prices will be as below:

8″ x 6″ Print only in cello envelope £5.00 or 3 for £12.00
16″ x 12″ Print only in cello envelope £10.00 or 3 for £25.00

50% of the above purchase price will go to HARP Southend.

If you are sharing links to my photos then do please share the link to this page so people get to see the restrictions and options for purchase above.

Thank you.

Andy K.

HARP BRANDED 02 (1024x768)

HARP BRANDED 06 (1024x768)

HARP BRANDED 09 (1024x768)

HARP BRANDED 12 (1024x768)




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