New Look

No. Not the high street store. A new look for my tired old blog.. which is now more website than blog… and is more photography than construction…

So the site is no long the Construction Etc blog, it is the home of Andrew Kenyon Photography.  The blog posts are still there but are less important and can be found under ‘updates’ on the menu.  This doesn’t mean I shall no longer post updates on civil engineering subjects, although that sort of content will be less than in the past.

I hope you like the new fresh look and feel of the site and find it easy to navigate.  Some of the same pages remain plus there is a link to my ‘Formal Galleries’ which is my Pixieset website which has a great deal more functionality than my other locations of my photos.  In time I will also get the store functionality going so you can spend all you hard earned money on my photos direct from the gallery.

Take a look around and feel free to leave me any feedback 🙂

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