Village Green 2017. It’s nearly here!!

Yaaaaaay. It’s that time of year again. Time to head to Chalkwell Park for a day of family fun, arts, crafts, spoken word, dance, and music.  Village Green 2017 is this Saturday folks and it looks like it is going to be a good one. Okay so it costs a bit more than previous years and you can’t bring your own booze in but just check out what you get for your notes!

For all the gen on the day head over to and see whats going on.  Pencil in the bands you want to see and fill the rest of your time chilling in the sunshine and stopping by everything else there is to see and do.  If the hungry hippos are there you have to try that!!

Last year I volunteered as one of the event photographers for Metal and had a blast so this year it was a no brainer to do it again.  The team and I will be roaming about all day capturing you lot all enjoying yourselves and all those fine artistes.  I was really pleased with my photos from last year.  I hope to take some even better ones this year so if you see a camera wearing a silly fishing hat then be sure to be animated and smile your smiliest smiles.

Village Green

Oh – and if you swing by the Railing Against the Machine area (tennis court near Chalkwell Rooms) then look out for my 3 big photographs hanging on the fence – and if you really like them you could buy them off me for your establishment 😉

And make sure you pay a return visit to my website next week and I’ll post links to all my photos and you never know – I may even let you buy some digital downloads or prints off me!!




Oh and in case you missed it…..



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