Southend Half Marathon – How to help me

This Sunday I will be shooting the Southend Half Marathon as a volunteer photographer for Havens Hospices.  I will try and get at least one shot of everyone taking part although it is a big field and I will probably be working alone – unless anyone wants to volunteer to do some shots out on the course for half an hour at the 3 mile mark – so please don’t be too disappointed if I don’t get a killer shot of you.So how can you help me?  A few ideas.

If you see me – I should have a stupid hat on and a hi-viz yellow vest  – then:

  • Try and look at me and look like you are enjoying yourself.  Smile even.
  • Wave your arms around or stick your thumbs up. Be a bit animated.
  • If you have a cap on then maybe take it off – dark faces otherwise.
  • If you are in a group of friends – spread yourselves out in a line.
  • When you cross the finish line try to look excited! You’ve run 13.1 miles.
  • When you cross the finish line try not immediately look down at your watch!
  • After you cross the finish line keep going for 10 paces and keep the area clear.
  • If you want a group photo before the start then come and find me!!

Of course if you are uninterested in looking your best in any photos then just enjoy your run and ignore me!

It will take a while to upload the photos so bear with me.  I have actually taken Monday off work to do the processing so hopefully it won’t take too long although I am also shooting Village Green the day before so I may be a bit frazzled.

All the pics will be available low res and watermarked for free for social media use as my usual arrangement.  You will also be able to purchase for a nominal amount both high res digital downloads plus commemorative prints like the ones below.  I don’t do this for financial gain – it is mostly as I enjoy doing it and to raise some extra money for Havens – but I will be making a little for myself toward the cost of the gear I use this year so if you like the results and/or appreciate what I do then find a few sheckles and buy a pic the digital downloads will only be a few quid each.

Thank you – Andy

SHM 2016 Branded 05 (1024x768)

SHM 2016 Branded 08 (1024x768)

SHM 2016 Branded 09 (1024x768)


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