Exercise is supposed to make you happy?

Having a bit of a go at getting fit and losing a few lbs.

Its going okay – helped on by a static bike at home, a decent-ish (but rather squeaky at the moment) road bike and my new smartphone using a runkeeper app.

Having done some cycling for the last few weeks and as the sun was shining and I am working from home today I thought I’d have a quick run at lunchtime.  Blimey it was hard work – but its a start.

My runkeeper site is here if you are remotely interested. http://runkeeper.com/user/Noynek/profile

So my brain is happy with all the endorphins – but my legs are not quite in agreement!

One Reply to “Exercise is supposed to make you happy?”

  1. Certainly Andy, and if it’s making you happy it’s also making you more intelligent. The endorfines not only make us feel good but increase our cognitive abilities. I’ve been doing lots more exercise in the run up ( pardon the pun) to my chartership review and it’s making a big difference. Even just half hour sessions help. Keep it up!

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