Things haven’t changed all that much really….

A few years ago our office in Tilbury closed and lots of old stuff was thrown out and some was archived into various shipping containers which can still be found on various of our sites.   When we moved out I rescued a number of old books of photographs from one of the previous containers containing archived documents.  These books have been under my desk for years and I have been meaning to scan and share some of the photos for ages.

The books I rescued related to work that Mowlem carried out at Scunthorpe Steelworks in 1952/53 and they provide a insight into how things were done on civil engineering sites 60 years ago.  To be honest – not much has changed with regard to basic techniques.  The obvious differences are in the clothes and protective gear that the labourers were wearing, and the mechanised plant being used such as the cranes, trucks and drilling rigs.  Otherwise – the use of steel sheet piles for excavation support and the steel propping and shuttering for concrete are very recognisable.

I have scanned the whole of one book of photos that has ‘Scunthorpe – Blast Furnace Contract I’ on the spine and uploaded them to my Picasaweb site here.  Below I include a selection of the more interesting ones.  I hope you enjoy looking at them. Click on each photo to see the large version and to read the interesting captions.

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