London to Southend Bike Ride 17th July 2011 – Photos

It was the London to Southend Bike Ride today and as I was not taking part this year I decided to go down and take a whole load of photographs of those people who were taking part and in doing so raising funds for a variety of causes and for the British Heart Foundation.

I was taking photographs near the end of the route in Ashingdon – just before Rochford. Precise location on map here.  I was there from around 10.30am to 1.00pm so if you went through during that time then there is a good chance I photographed you.

I have uploaded over 1,000 photos to my Piacsaweb website in two folders London to Southend Bike Ride Folder 1 and London to Southend Bike Ride Folder 2.  The photos are low-res and copyright however if people would like hi-res and non-copyright versions then they can have them for a small one off donation to Havens Hospices in Southend.

If you wish to have a hi-res photo or two then email me at with the details of which photos you want and I’ll provide details of the website where you can add your donation. The donation page is actually but email me anyway and I’ll send you the pic and you can decide what it is worth!

A collage from each of the folders is  included below to give you an idea of what the folders contain.


Folder 1 Collage
Folder 2 Collage

2 Replies to “London to Southend Bike Ride 17th July 2011 – Photos”

  1. Hi Andrew, just looked at your photos of the London to southend and wow i was suprised to see a picture of me. I have never had a picture taken of me on my bike so thank you sooo much

    1. Brook. Thanks for the comment – and you are very welcome. It is nice to get pics of oneself doing things like this and always difficult to get unless someone does what I did. I shall hopefully do likewise for other events including maybe the Southend Bikethon coming up.

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