Excessive Street Furniture. Discuss

The proliferation of unnecessary and unsightly street furniture is alive and well in Southend much to my annoyance.  Most of the time I have to admit that Southend Borough Council gets things right – but not in this case.

In various streets in the neighbourhood parking restrictions have been implemented resulting in parking spaces being painted on the highway big enough for only 1 or 2 cars which are designated for residents only.  I don’t have an issue with this.

What I do have an issue with is that each set of parking spaces has its own steel pole 10 feet high with a sign on it saying it is residents parking only. Hence in many streets you have a large number of additional poles sticking up above the car roofs.  These are unsightly, unsustainable and unnecessary IMHO.

Why they need to be so high I do not know.  My suggestion would be 4 or 5 foot high timber posts with a discrete sign plate in portrait orientation fixed to the post on a flattened section at the top.  This would at least be more sustainable and less unsightly.

The photos below from Southbourne Grove in Westcliff, Essex.

I welcome discussion and debate on this subject.  Feel free to leave a comment below.



2 Replies to “Excessive Street Furniture. Discuss”

  1. i agree. i think they (being the council) could do with a letter detailing your suggestions for a better way to do it and why what they are doing is a pretty rubbish idea!

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