London Prepares – International Mountain Biking

In glorious sunshine I and my two kids spent the afternoon at the Hadleigh Olympic Mountain Biking Venue today to watch the London Prepares event.  We were not able to get there in the morning and so missed the women’s event.  We got there at around 1pm having caught the shuttle bus from Leigh-on-Sea station and saw the build-up to and running of the men’s event.  All in all it was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed the event.  The winner of the mens event was No. 1 – Julien Absalon of France.

I have posted loads of my photos to my Picasaweb website here plus have include a few below to give a flavour.  If you have tickets for the main Olympic event – I think you will very much enjoy it.  We don’t and hence won’t 😦









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