Time Lapse Photography

A while back I had a go at doing some time lapse photography with my big camera, tripod, pressing the button every few seconds, editing a movie sequence etc.  Whilst the results were okay, it was a bit of a faff.

I had another go today but this time using my HTC Desire HD Android smartphone.  Much much simpler.

At lunchtime I downloaded a free app from the Android Marketplace called TimeLapse! by ExplorerDC and had a play.  This is a very simple bit of software that records the photos and creates the timelapse as an AVI file in one go.  You have control over the size of the photo, the interval of shots, the frames per second for the video among other things.

I  made myself a handy cardboard stand thing that holds the phone up on a flat surface and recorded a timelapse of my journey home from Bracknell.  Its not brilliant and I have learned a few lessons but is kinda cool.  It is from Bracknell to Southend via the A322, M3, M25 and A127. The Dartford Tunnel at about 2min 30sec is pretty cool.

I also tried a bit of the sunset in the evening from the back bedroom.  Pity the phone slipped halfway through.  Both videos are included below.

I am now effectively on holiday for 3 weeks so will be making the most of my new app and doing timelapses all over the place.  May do one at Canary Wharf tomorrow.  May do one on my bicycle too.  Lots of ideas brewing!




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