Sunday morning on Southend Seafront

I live in Southend and like nothing more early on a Sunday morning to go for a run or a cycle along the seafront especially if the weather is good. I am not the only one who likes this time of day on the seafront as you will find many people running, cycling, walking and just sitting taking in the air.

I have been suffering from a cold for the last week and hence have not been running or cycling but just surviving.  Feeling a little better this morning and with the weather looking pretty damn fine, I decided to substitute my run with a brisk walk along the seafront.  I needed to do something as I am running in the Southend 10K next weekend.

So the plan was a brisk walk however I decided to take my camera and take some photos.  I ended up taking nearly 200 photos so needless to say the walk wasn’t a brisk as I intended.  I’m glad I did take the camera though as I think I did a fair job at capturing what the seafront is like on a Sunday morning.  A selection of photos is included below.

On previous outings I had also seen a ‘bootcamp’ type exercise session going on on a patch of grass at the base of the cliffs and was hoping to see them and go get some info.  Unfortunately they were not out this morning which was disappointing.  I’ve since discovered that these guys are probably from and I think I am going to sign up for a free trial session!

A runkeeper record of my walk can be found here if interested.  A whole album of photos taken can also be found here

Early morning on the seafront
Dog walkers
Serious cyclists
Litter pickers
Supporters of Havens Hospices

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