Jasper’s First Weekend

We got a new cat today or to be more precise a kitten.  We have named him Jasper and he is 6 months old.

When we moved into our current house we got a cat.  We called her Mia and she died this summer at the grand old age of 19 years.  She was much loved and desperately missed.

We had talked about getting another cat but had not done anything about it and then 6 weeks ago we agreed to look after Crystal – a large (and I mean large) female Maine Coon Bemgal Cross, for a friend.  Crystal was gorgeous but a bit of a terror and she went back to her owner on Friday evening.

Having Crystal made us all realise we wanted another cat and that now was the time to do it so last weekend the rest of the family went to a Cat Protection League event where they had lots of cats needing homes.  I was running in Greenwich Park and got a text afterwards saying they had reservd a cat.  I called in on the way home and saw said cat – Nibbles – and whilst I wasn’t immediately sure – it was rather lovely and agreed with the others that we would take him.

So we were vetted by the CPL in the week (we’ve had a cat for 17 years) and we picked up ‘Nibbles’ from its foster owners in Canvey on Saturday morning.

By the time we had got home we had all agreed that he was a Jasper and not a Boris and Jasper is now his name.  Apparently his mum was a siamese type grey cat who went and got herself up the feline duff one night and produced three kittens – Two greys like mum and Jasper (like dad no doubt).

So Jasper has been here for the weekend and is already settled.  Very playfull as you would expect and very affectionate and is already happy to sleep on our laps.  He knows where the litter tray is and uses it and has found a comfy hideway on the landing to snooze in private.

We are going to be very happy with young Jasper and hope he is happy here too.

Some pictures (off my phone) below and more in an album on picasaweb here.

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