Jasper has settled in

Jasper the kitten has been with us now for a month and is settled in and considers the house to be well and truly his now.  I have to admit to be completely smitten with the young fella.

He is a typical kitten who loves lots of chasing toys on strings, pouncing on ‘mice’  and enjoys climbing the Christmas Tree.

I have worked from home a fair bit over the last few weeks and he has tken to coming and sitting on my desk between me and my laptop with his paws on my left arm.  Very sweet and doesn’t hinder me too much!

I do have to be careful not to leave the laptop unguarded though as he likes to bite the buttons off the keyboard and chew them.  Fortunately I have managed to get them all back albeit with some bite marks on!

A few pictures below and an album of photos online here.  Mostly taken on the mobile phone hence the poor quality.  Enjoy.

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