HDR at Ladybower

Overnight stop in Sheffield today. Took the opportunity of some evening sightseeing and exercise in the nearby great outdoors.

Drove up to Ladybower Reservoir and started a run around the lake. Was still suffering rather from yesterdays 10 miler so ended up walking most of the 6 mile loop.

The area is stunning and walking gave me the opportunity to see and photograph it at its best. Unfortunately I only had my phone so the photos aren’t the best.

I took a fair number of HDR photos and have included a selection below. They might look too good on a pc as they were taken hand held but they look okay on my phone.

After my run / walk I drove up to the summit if Snake Pass and back, and I write this blog from the bar of The Yorkshire Bridge Inn near the main dam having just eaten the most delicious steak and kidney pie I have ever had.

Hope you get some idea of how beautiful it is up here from the pics below







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