ICE EoE SCE & DE Seminar

‘What’ I hear you say..  To give it its full title it was an Institution of Civil Engineers East of England region Supervising Civil Engineer and Delegated Engineer Seminar.  Hence the abbreviation.  It was the first one I’d been too and it was very useful.  I am an SCE. Find out more about this here.

Graduates who are training under an ICE approved company training scheme toward becoming professionally qualified members of the Institution of Civil Engineers do so under the supervision of Supervising Civil Engineers who delegate some of their duties to Delegated Engineers.  SCEs and DEs need to keep abreast of the latest developments and so attend these seminars once in a while.  The other benefit of these events is a bit of idea and experience swapping with the other SCEs and DE’s.

The event was put on by the East of England Regional Team and hosted tonight by our two Membership Development Officers Louisa Rix and Roger Chantrelle.  If you need to contact Louisa or Roger their details can be found here.

Anyway we learned a bit, we had a good discussion on CPD including the worth of DAP’s, we chewed around some concerns and some hot topics, and then had a bit of a chinwag over some sarnies.  All in all very worthwhile.

Oh… and it was held at the Hertfordshire Sports Village – which was pretty impressive I thought 🙂

A selection of photos below.  Looking at the photos again it was more fun that the photos might suggest…

Oh.. and we need more (some) female SCE and DE role models…











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