Brentwood Half Marathon 2014

At relatively short notice I decided to rock over to Brentwood this morning and snap some photos of all the guys and girls running in the half marathon.  There were a fair few people running from many of the running clubs in and around Southend so I was cheering as well as snapping.  I ended up taking over 1,800 photos all of which I have uploaded to my Google photos site.

I did the same last year when the weather conditions were somewhat worse (snow). Read more on that here.  This time I also took my video camera along and left it running on a tripod.  The video is on Vimeo and embedded below.

Brentwood Half Marathon 2014 at Mile 2.5 from Andy Kenyon on Vimeo.

Links to all my photos are below – all photos warts and all.  As usual these are all relatively low resolution and can be download and used without restriction but feel free to mention me and link back to this page.  If you would like high resolution versions then email me at with the details (be specific please) and I will email them to you in return for a small donation that will go to havens Hospices.  I’ll provide details in the email.

I’ll add some of my favorite photos onto this page in due course.

Photo Album 1

Photo Album 2

Photo Album 3

Photo Album 4

Photo Album 5

Photo Album 6

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