Sensing Spaces at the Royal Academy of Art

Last weekend I accompanied my better half to the Royal Academy of Art to see the Sensing Spaces – Architecture Reimagined  exhibition.  I had seen some images fom the exhibition in advance but they didn’t prepare me for just how great the exhibition was.

The exhibits were all they large, very varied, and very hands on.  Photography was not only allowed – but positively encouraged.  And so I took the opportunity and took loads.  Stand out exhibits for me were the first – the timber structure which you could climb up through its legs – and the last which was an exploration of light and dark on massive surfaces.

The exhibition has been on for a while and finishes next weekend so if you fancy going you’d best be quick.  The website is

I have uploaded the best of the photos I took to my Google Photos site and you can find the album here

Included below are a small selection which all open to bigger versions in new windows on clicking the image.  Enjoy.

Sensing Spaces Blog - 0001

Sensing Spaces Blog - 0002

Sensing Spaces Blog - 0003

Sensing Spaces Blog - 0004

Sensing Spaces Blog - 0005

Sensing Spaces Blog - 0006

Sensing Spaces Blog - 0007

Sensing Spaces Blog - 0008

Sensing Spaces Blog - 0009



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