Garden Makeover 2013

It is long overdue that I do a quick blog about the makeover that our small back garden had in September last year.  It has now bedded in and is looking good so now is a good time.  The work was done by local company ARC Landscapes run by Mitch Clee.  We are very pleased with it.

The garden is typical of a small terraced house rear garden in Westcliff.  A few years ago I did phase 1 of the work when I added a conservatory to the back of the house and a big shed at the bottom of the garden with a decking path to the shed and deck to the side of the shed.  The remainder of the garden was left as grass as the kids were small and there was football and trampolining and such activities to accommodate.

Now the kids are of an age where football has long been lost to computer games and trampolining lost to Facebook the requirements of the garden have changed and we came up with a design to provide a decent patio area in our sun trap whilst maintaining some token grass.  As I say – we are really pleased with the result and the service we got from Mitch and his boys.  The work was done in September last year and took 4 days – despite everything having to come in and out through the house.


An album of photos of the completed garden are on Google here.  A couple of before and a few after photos included below.

Pics 001
During Phase 1 in 2007! There is a garden there somewhere.
pic 008
After Phase 1 with decking path just being finished
Garden 2 - 0009
Finished garden taken in Spring 2014
Garden 2 - 0005
Finished garden
Garden 2 - 0001
Finished garden
Garden 2 - 0003
Finished garden – roll on summer.




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