Great Notley Spring Duathlon – Photoblog

Had a great morning up at the Great Notley Discovery Park this morning watching and photographing the Born2Tri Great Notley Spring Dualthlon.  I took part in the Autumn running of the event last year and whilst it looks relatively easy on paper it does have a sting in its tail with the ascent and decent of the hill to the Kestrel on both 4km run legs.

I was awake early and so decided to get up and go.  As a result I was there way too early but it was interesting to watch the buildup and to see the competitors arriving and setting up and going through their pre-race routines.

I was there for a number of reasons including to support people I knew who were taking part – including Tom Franklyn – but mainly as I enjoy taking photos at these sorts of events.  I ended up taking nearly 1,900 photos on two cameras and I have uploaded all of the photos to my Google Photos website and you can access them via the links below.  It was great too to see and chat to the guys from RunActive and CyclesUK who were both supporting the event.

As usual I have only uploaded low resolutions versions with a maximum long edge of 800 pixels.  These can be downloaded and used without restriction.  If however you would like any high-res versions – most are 6000 x 4000 pixels and hence ~10MB each – then if you email me at I will email them to you (one by one) for a small donation to charity.

The charity I am collecting for currently is The British Tinnitus Association who provide support for and fund research into tinnitus.  Tinnitus is a condition where sufferers hear a constant ringing or other noises in their ears.  Both my father and daughter suffer from Tinnitus.  In August I am taking part in the Prudential RideLondon – Surrey 100 cycle on a charity place and hence I need to raise £750 between now and then.  Any money raised by the ‘sale’ of these photos will go to that fund.  It is up to you how much you want to give.


If you want to just donate without having any pictures then by all means do so – and thank you.  You can do so on my JustGiving site here.

When I get around to it I will add a selection of the best of the best of my photos below but in the meantime use the links below to access the online albums.  I have uploaded all the photos – warts and all – as I don’t currently have time to go through them filtering out the poor ones (and the flowers).

Enjoy. – And if you wish to you can read my blog about my taking part last year here .

Album 1 – Up to and including the start

Album 2 – The start of the cycle stage – leaving

Album 3 – The cycle stage passing by and returning

Album 4 – Half of the final run stage finish

Album 5 – Remainder of final run stage finish


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