Cottage Garden Nursery, Westcliff

The Cottage Garden Nursery is a small family owned garden centre in Westcliff just off the A127 between Kent Elms junction and the Tesco roundabout.  We often go there to get stuff for our garden and is is to be thoroughly recommended.  I recently went to purchase some bits and bobs and took my daughter and my camera with me.  I ended up taking rather a lot of photos.

It was a bright sunny day and I was in the mood for photography having taken some photos earlier in the day in my garden so I asked the owners if I could take a few photos.  They were very happy for me to do so and even pointed out some good plants / areas to capture.  We ended up spending over an hour snapping away and got some really good captures of some great plants and garden accessories.  Liz even took a great set on her iPhone 5.

CGM - 0209

The Cottage Garden Nursery is really worth a visit.  They are small but beautifully formed and most things a gardener could want – so got visit.  I have included a map below.  They don’t appear to have a website.


cgn - 0001

You can find a Google+ album of my photos by clicking here.  I have included a selection below also.  Enjoy.

cgn - 0001

cgn - 0002

cgn - 0003

cgn - 0004

cgn - 0005

cgn - 0006

cgn - 0007

cgn - 0008

cgn - 0009

cgn - 0010

cgn - 0011

cgn - 0012

cgn - 0013

cgn - 0014

cgn - 0015

cgn - 0016

cgn - 0017


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  1. Sad to say. This fine garden nursery has now ceased to be. I noticed it has been boarded up in preparation for housing to be built. Another gem lost.

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